Online Business Consulting

Here at eStatim we know how tough it can be to start your own online business and have it stand out in the crowd. A good idea or a great product is only a part of the equation. Our consultants are experts in online business startups, online store optimization, and all the factors that go in to building a successful online business from the ground up. The expertise provided by the eStatim team is an invaluable asset to your business and a solid foundation that will allow your online business to grow and thrive.

Here is what our Online Business Consulting team can do for you:

  • Online business and e-commerce strategy
  • Site maps and website flow design
  • SEO analysis
  • Website optimization
  • Traffic generation and increased visibility

The right web agency will help your online business grow from infancy to fruition, and offer expert support every step in between. We specialize in creating functional, effective online businesses in a wide range of categories. From small ideas to big visions, we are invested in the success of your e-commerce project and are ready to put our methodology to work for you.


Standing out from the competition in the fast-paced world of internet business takes constant improvement to your e-commerce site. We offer a fresh look at your existing processes and offer solutions to optimize and improve your online business.


Better sites draw more customers. Our team can help you analyze your e-commerce site for design, architecture, navigation all other areas affecting customer experience.

Our online business consultants provide comprehensive solutions for enhanced performance and usability of your online store. Special attention is paid to e-commerce security, browser compatibility, checkout process and downloads times. With a focus on SEO and site visibility, we ensure your online business ranks high in search results and is optimized for success.

eStatim makes starting your own online business a streamlined, stress-free process, allowing you to focus on your product and your customers.